ViruSure: New Marketing Partnership for Japan

Offering Biosafety Testing Expertise for Japan´s Biopharmaceutical Companies

ViruSure GmbH (, a leading contract research organization providing pathogen safety testing services for the global biopharmaceutical industry announced today a new marketing partnership to market the services of ViruSure in Japan. Through this partnership Ina Research Inc. will take on the role of ViruSure agent for promoting the ViruSure services and support our clients in Japan.

ViruSure is a well-versed CRO offering services in the areas of virus and prion safety testing for biopharmaceutical products, cell banking and cell bank characterization services and in vivo biosafety studies (adventitious agent testing, tumorigenicity testing, oncogenicity testing) and molecular and potency testing, all required by pharma and biotech companies specializing on biological products (e.g. recombinant proteins, vaccines, human and animal derived biological products, cell based therapies).

Ina Research Inc. is a well-known contract research organization based in Ina city specializing in the non-clinical testing. The portfolio of services provided includes Safety Pharmacology, Drug Dependence, Drug Efficacy, Health Food Development Services, Clinical Studies, Thorough QT/QTc Studies and SEND translation services.

”We are very happy to partner with Ina Research as our new agent for Japan and Taiwan. Ina Research has excellent links to the BioPharm Industry in Japan and our service Portfolio complements each other. We Believe that Ina Research will help ViruSure to continue to provide the highest level of service and support to an already strong network of Japanese customers in reaching their goals in Pathogen Safety testing” stated Andy Bailey, CEO and co-founder of ViruSure.

About Ina Research

Ina Research ( hereinafter referred to as “INA”), a name derived from the location of its head office in Ina City, Nagano, Japan, nestled in rich nature between the Central and Southern Japanese Alps.

From this peaceful and picturesque location, INA has faithfully employed high corporate ethics, focusing on quality and reliability. INA has used its wide network to develop unique skills and knowledge, allowing it to succeed through the tests of time since its establishment in 1974.

For more than 40 years, INA has been advancing efforts to answer the changing needs of the times. As an R&D company in this forever changing environment, INA is working towards improving global health, and aims to be the best consulting partner for customers in this noble effort.

About ViruSure GmbH

ViruSure is a privately-owned biotech company specializing in the virus and prion safety testing of biopharmaceutical products and cell banking / characterization services with a worldwide client base. The company brings a wealth and breadth of expertise to ensure that biopharmaceutical companies meet all relevant pathogen safety testing requirements. Our goal is simple- to offer the highest level of quality, customer service and regulatory compliance for pathogen safety testing. Our state of the art facilities located in Vienna, Austria are validated and certified to both GMP and GLP standards and all testing services are supported by a state of the art risk based quality management system which ensures we remain cutting edge partner dedicated to providing, first and foremost, a quality service to the biopharmaceutical industry. 

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