ImageBiopsy Lab partnering with Siemens Healthineers to bring MSK-AI to radiologists

Siemens Healthineers makes KOALA seamlessly available to hospitals/healthcare professionals to more accurately/quickly assess patients with knee-Osteoarthritis

This addition allows Siemens Healthineers to offer its customers a CE/FDA-cleared state-of-the-art, AI-based musculoskeletal (MSK) solution for detection of knee osteoarthritis (OA) on X-rays.

ImageBiopsy Lab joins other innovative applications on a proven and respected platform that integrates easily with hospital IT infrastructure and offers integrated imaging software for multi-modality reading and reporting. This digital health ecosystem provides an open yet secured environment to access a growing portfolio of applications from solution partners ranging from neuroscience to musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology.

“KOALA (Knee-OA Labeling Assistant) simplifies clinical workflow by automatically detecting radiographic features of OA and providing a detailed output report. This allows clinicians to increase throughput by automating the analysis and reporting on routine x-rays,” says IBLAB Co-Founder, and COO Christoph Götz.

“Through our partnership with ImageBiopsy Lab, we are further expanding syngo.via to include additional MSK/orthopaedic AI-based solutions onto the platform”, says Oliver Klinkow, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Syngo.

ImageBiopsy Lab’s KOALA utilizes artificial intelligence and the algorithm has been trained on a high number of knee-OA cases from various clinical sites, thus resulting in AI-based technology that performs on a level comparable to expert reading. It can contribute to more standardized decision making and a safer, less subjective assessment in disease progression assessments.

“Delivering AI-based MSK solutions to radiologists requires a powerful, yet flexible platform with no additional infrastructure needed. Syngo.via and the teamplay platform are offering physicians an easy and cost-effective way of testing and ultimately using various radiology applications without adding additional complexity or time investments to the existing infrastructure. Once a platform like syngo.via or teamplay is available, new software apps like our KOALA can be added in minutes. We look forward to working with Siemens Healthineers to bring our growing portfolio of MSK solutions to the world of musculoskeletal radiology and orthopaedic surgery.” says Philip Meier, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder at IBLAB.

IBLAB KOALA will be made available in syngo.via OpenApps in selected EU countries and the US and can be accessed directly from the Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace.

Four simple steps to get started

Visit the Digital Marketplace now and browse our digital solutions – no login required. Select your country and you will see all the available options.

To request demos, quotations, trials and demos a free login is required:

  • Register to get your free Siemens Healthineers account
  • Activate your account
  • Register your institution or affiliate with an existing one
  • Access the Digital Marketplace and your personal view with all functionalities

The Digital Marketplace is accessible from any state of the art browser. If you are an existing user, you can also access the Digital Marketplace with all functionalities from the main menu of teamplay, syngo.via client or directly on your Cios mobile C-arm.

Go to the Digital Marketplace

About ImageBiopsy Lab:

ImageBiopsy Lab (IBLAB) is the global leader in developing and certifying state-of-the-art AI-based software for image analyses and workflow tasks in musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology, orthopaedic surgery and traumatology. Our deep tech platform has been built to automatically read and prioritize the large numbers of low-risk, low reimbursement plain film MSK X-rays, thus freeing valuable physician resources and significantly reducing manual reporting steps. Our ultimate mission is to cover all clinically relevant MSK/orthopaedic use cases – from low-risk plain film X-ray to complex MRI/CT.

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