First Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30 in the UK delivered to government-backed research facility in Wales

- UK’s first Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30 has been installed at Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult headquartered in Newport, South Wales

- This ground-breaking 3D printer can combine materials unlike ever before, opening the door to entirely new multifunctional applications

- With its research on this cutting-edge 2M printer, CSA Catapult will contribute to a new dimension of multi-material 3D printing for compound semiconductor packaging and integration

Lithoz GmbH, global market and innovation leaders in ceramic 3D printing, has recently delivered the UK’s first CeraFab Multi 2M30 in Wales, UK. This machine is a true technological breakthrough as it combines ceramic with ceramic, metal or polymers even in one single layer. It creates composites giving birth to entirely new multi-functional applications for research and industry using 3D printing.

The CeraFab Multi 2M30 is an LCM-based printer with two separate vats, can combine multiple materials within one single layer and can vary the material composition layer-bylayer.

Such material compositions allow for a mixture of differing properties in one single layer and component – thus paving the way to a completely new dimension of application possibilities and enabling a variety of design concepts unimaginable until now.

The CeraFab Multi, launched in 2020, has already been used to achieve new successes such as the strongest 3D-printed alumina ever produced. With this being the first multi-material 3D printer of its kind in the UK, both Lithoz and CSA Catapult, recipient of the machine, are looking forward to further innovation once it is operational later in the year.

‘The CeraFab Multi 2M30 3D printer, part of the DER Investment in state-of-the-art equipment, is a valuable addition to our advanced semiconductor integration and packaging capability,’ stated Dr. Jayakrishnan Chandrappan, Head of Packaging at CSA Catapult, which helps optimise advanced electronic systems and delivers industrial research organisation to benefit companies in the UK. ‘This acquisition will help us develop novel 3D-printed multi-material parts for high-power and high-frequency microelectronics packages, and the multi-material printing facilities will drive energy-efficient, compact and affordable packaging.’

Lithoz is the world market leader in developing and producing materials and additive manufacturing systems for the 3D printing of high-performance and bioresorbable ceramics. While their products have applications in many fields, including the medical and dental, the industrial field is one area that greatly benefits from their materials and printing systems due to the complex geometries achievable and the desirable properties of the resulting components. The company has an export share of almost 100%, over 125 employees and has had a subsidiary in the USA since 2017. Lithoz has also been ISO 9001-2015 certified since 2016.

Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult is focused on bringing compound semiconductor applications to life in three key areas: the road to Net Zero, future telecoms and intelligent sensing. CSA Catapult is a Not for Profit organisation headquartered in South Wales. It is focused on three technology areas: Power Electronics, RF & Microwave and Photonics. As well as the three technology areas, CSA Catapult is also working in Advanced Packaging for these highpower innovations. The next wave of emerging applications will have an enormous impact on our lives. Compound semiconductors will enable a host of new and exciting applications in the electrification of transport, clean energy, defence and security and digital communications markets. CSA Catapult exists to help the UK compound semiconductor industry grow and collaborates across the UK and internationally.

Lithoz Contact:

Alice Elt
+43 1 9346612 - 240

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