Collective Minds Radiology & contextflow partner to enable testing of AI without barriers

Immediate access via Collective Minds Radiology’s portal enables radiologists to upload cases and quickly receive contextflow results

Healthcare collaborators Collective Minds Radiology and chest CT experts contextflow GmbH have partnered to help radiologists evaluating complex suspected ILD, COPD, and lung cancer cases. Specifically, radiologists can securely upload chest CTs to the free Collective Minds platform, and contextflow will analyze the images and provide them with quantitative results without the need for a lengthy software integration process. 

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Collective Minds Radiology offers the world’s largest cloud-based collaboration platform for radiologists. This global community service enables radiologists to share interesting cases, along with their clinical questions, and then to receive insights back from other practicing radiologists. This collective intelligence can be particularly helpful when a radiologist is uncertain of an imaging findings. The end goal being, of course, to help patients get their correct diagnosis faster.

contextflow offers comprehensive computer-aided detection software for chest CT to support the diagnosis of suspected ILD, COPD and lung cancer. The company’s core technology, ADVANCE Chest CT, automatically detects, quantifies and visualizes 8 disease patterns and lung nodules in CTs of the lungs, displaying relevant information directly in the radiologist’s PACS viewer. In addition, contextflow’s TIMELINE feature quickly and objectively tracks changes in lung nodules over time, currently impossible in the given radiology workflow.

Regarding the announcement, Collective Minds Radiology CEO & Co-Founder Anders Nordell says “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with contextflow, a leading provider of AI-powered diagnostic tools for radiology. This partnership allows us to enrich our healthcare collaboration services with cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities, further enhancing our ability to support our community of healthcare professionals around the world. We believe that this partnership will have a positive impact on our customers and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

contextflow Chief Commercial Officer Marcel Wassink continues, “Implementation of AI tools has so far been a lengthy, bureaucratic process that leads to a lot of frustrations for radiologists who are eager to try out AI. Collective Minds allows us to get our quantitative thoracic CT results to the point of care much faster and without hassle in a system that is already known and trusted globally.”

The test feature is available to all radiologists using the Collective Minds platform. New users can register for free at

About Collective Minds Radiology

Collective Minds Radiology is a health-tech startup founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017. We develop and deliver a cloud-based collaboration platform for healthcare and research with access to data, and human and digital expertise. Together with our partners and customers, we offer products and services within imaging research, clinical consultation, and radiology education.

About contextflow

contextflow is a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) and European research project KHRESMOI, supported by the Technical University of Vienna (TU). Founded by a team of AI and engineering experts in July 2016, the company has received numerous awards; most recently, contextflow was chosen for the GE Healthcare Canada Accelerator. Its computer-aided detection software ADVANCE Chest CT is CE Marked and available for clinical use within Europe under the new MDR. Visit for more information.


contextflow GmbH

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