Allcyte and Fidelis launch strategic partnership to increase the success rate of translational oncology through functional drug testing in primary human tissues at scale

Allcyte GmbH (Allcyte) and Fidelis Research AD (Fidelis) announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership with the mutual goal of enabling biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate and enhance the success rate of translational cancer research.

Under the terms of the partnership, the companies will jointly offer large pharmaceutical and biotech companies the opportunity to test the activity of drug candidates in viable human tissue samples of actual cancer patients with unprecedented single cell resolution to get an understanding of their potential clinical efficacy. “Using viable, primary human tissues as translational model systems is as close as you can get to an actual patient prior to running a clinical trial. Our approach permits the validation of therapeutic hypotheses in patient tissues years before treating a first patient and will deliver significant value to Pharma and Biotech.”, said Dr. Gregory Vladimer, CSO and scientific co-founder of Allcyte.

Fidelis will contribute its unique ability to source viable and high-quality human biospecimens from over 60 clinical sites in Europe. Allcyte will leverage its Pharmacoscopy ® high content imaging platform to quantify drug action in complex primary tissue samples at the single cell level to generate actionable translational insights and thereby help targeting the potential drug treatment to specific patient cohorts. In a clinical study published by Medical University of Vienna and the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Snijder, Vladimer et al., Lancet Hematol. 2017), it was demonstrated that Pharmacoscopy ® can be used successfully to prioritize effective treatments for late stage hematological cancer patients (NCT03096821).

The companies have successfully collaborated on numerous projects in hematological malignancies and solid tumors since 2018. The announcement of this strategic partnership will further strengthen the relationship between Allcyte and Fidelis and allow the pursuit of a common goal: to establish the use of primary human tissues as a gold standard in translational oncology. “Formalising this strategic partnership will streamline our efforts in bridging the translational research gap and bring the patient to the center of preclinical R&D” Nikolaus Krall, Allcyte CEO and co-founder stated.

Fidelis’ capabilities in managing complex projects for sourcing biospecimen and operating dedicated clinical sites across Europe and Allcyte’s proprietary Pharmacoscopy ® technology perfectly complement each other to bring value early on in the R&D process through the validation of targets and therapeutic hypotheses, biomarker discovery and co-clinical trials. “End-users will benefit from integrated project planning, tissue sourcing, screening and data analysis to accelerate research and development timelines and increase clinical development success”, Veselin Stefanov, CEO and founder of Fidelis stated.

About Allcyte

Allcyte is a privately-owned Biotech company based in Vienna, Austria specializes in measuring drug action in primary human patient tissues at the single cell level. Leveraging its Pharmacoscopy ® ex vivo drug testing platform, Allcyte aims to enable treating oncologists and the pharmaceutical industry to select the best possible treatment for every cancer patient and progress the most promising molecules into clinical trials in carefully defined patient populations. The goal is to improve outcomes for patients, increase the success rate of clinical development programs whilst using limited healthcare and R&D resources as efficiently as possible. Allcyte operates as a high-value research partner and works in close collaboration with clients to design translational research programs and generate clinically actionable data.
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Nikolaus Krall
CEO and co-founder
Allcyte GmbH

About Fidelis

Fidelis is a privately-owned contract research company focused on the custom procurement and processing of human biological samples from disease state patients. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Fidelis also has its own operations in Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey, thus covering a large network of over 60 collection sites in Europe with the capability to ship samples rapidly to clients and partners globally. The company collaborates with researchers from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to run complex projects tailored specifically to their needs for high quality samples annotated with rich clinical, pathology and genomic data to help accelerate their translational work. By working closely with sites to access patient samples and laboratories in each country to run custom processing protocols, Fidelis can quickly scale projects to achieve optimal results with efficient timelines for projects across therapeutic areas and diseases.
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Veselin Stefanov
CEO and co-founder
Fidelis Research AD

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