acib: Indian industry trusts in biotech research from Graz

While many companies are moving services to Asia, two Indian companies run another path. They rely on the research…

Miracor successfully completes first German patient using the PICSO® system

Patient underwent normal stent placement after a severe heart attack, and PICSO® was applied for 90 minutes immediately…

AMEX GmbH gewinnt Spitalsprojekt in Sofia, Bulgarien

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Stadt Wien: Städteindex: Wien als innovativste Stadt Europas

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UniVie: Novel insights into the evolution of protein networks

System-wide networks of proteins are indispensable for organisms. Function and evolution of these networks are among the…

CeMM Adjunct PI Thijn Brummelkamp identified entrance mechanism of the Lassa Virus into Cells

In collaboration with scientists at Radboud University (Netherlands) and Harvard University (USA), the laboratory of…

Baxter sponsert Erste-Hilfe-Raum für Obdachlose in der „Gruft“

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