Vienna Life Sciences Center Muthgasse

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) contributes to knowledge‑based production and use of biological resources in order to create a firm foundation for products, processes and services in all economic sectors. The university's broad and long‑standing biotech expertise is concentrated at the Vienna Institute of BioTechnology (VIBT) at Muthgasse. Its 57,000 m2 net floor area include some 20,000 m2 for pilot plants and labs and provide fertile grounds for academic education from the bachelor to the PhD level. VIBT holds close ties with partners advancing applied life sciences worldwide. Research and education institutions at Muthgasse also include the COMET Competence Centre acib ‑ the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology - and the FH Campus Vienna/Biotechnology.

~ 75 years
of Expertise in Biotech
20000 m2
Pilot Plants and Labs
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Broad and long standing biotech expertise

Research and education activities at the VIBT cover the following areas of expertise:

  • Development and optimization of biological cell factories using pro- and eukaryotic systems
  • Development and optimization of biogenic diagnostics, therapeutics, and the respective biotechnological production processes
  • Glycobiology, glycoengineering and glycobiotechnology
  • Protein engineering, with focus on antibodies and enzymes
  • Ultra-trace analysis of natural compounds and pollutants and for food, biotechnology, medicine and cultural history
  • Food sciences and technology, microbiology, quality management and safety of food along the supply chain
  • Plant sciences and biotechnology, biodiversity, molecular analysis and utilization of plant and microbial systems
  • Bio-economic approaches the comprehensive and sustainable utilization of renewable resources
  • Nanobiotechnological solutions based on biological structures
  • Integrated water management and protection of the livelihoods of water in a sustainable way
  • Bioinformatics, molecular modeling and simulation of bioprocesses

High quality special research infrastructure

In cooperation with EQ‑BOKU‑VIBT GmbH (Equipment BOKU Vienna Institute of BioTechnology GmbH) the VIBT is offering services and collaborations at the following research infrastructures:

  • VIBT Extremophile Center
    • Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics - Sequencing of genomes and transcriptomes
    • Fermentation - Analysis of environmental impact on bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi
    • Micro- and Nanomaterial Analysis - particle size, morphology and distribution studies
  • Biomolecular and Cellular Analysis
    • Biomolecular Analysis - Determination of biophysical properties of proteins
    • Cell Sorting and Cell Analysis - Separation based on metabolic state or other cellular properties
  • Mass Spectrometry
    • Metabolic, Environmental and Food Analysis - using GC & LC combined with tandem and high-resolution mass spectrometry
  • Center for Preservation and Aseptic Modelling
    • Preservation and Aseptic Processing - Conventional and advanced thermal preservation
  • Bioengineering
    • Recombinant Protein Production with Mammalian Cells (Non-GMP)

Dynamic start-up community

A growing number of spin‑offs and start‑ups draws benefits from high‑quality special research infrastructure at the VIBT. A Europe‑wide unique climate chamber is available for instance, a variety of modern mass spectrometers, which assist pioneering job analysis to improve expression strains or help to develop new drugs, biological antioxidants or anti‑aging products. Several recently founded companies are currently active at the Life Sciences Center Muthgasse, e.g.:

  1. enGenes
  2. DirectSens
  3. MyeloPro
  4. OncoQR ML GmbH
  5. Syconium Lactic Acid
  6. Tentamus
  7. Themis Bioscience

For further details on the Vienna Life Science Center Muthgasse including requests on lab space for start‑ups please contact the campus coordination team at VIBT via e-mail to vibt(at)