Vienna BioCenter

The Vienna BioCenter is a leading life sciences location in Europe, offering an extraordinary combination of research, business and education on a single campus. Scientists from 70 nations create a highly dynamic environment of international standards. Developing innovative solutions, services and products ranks high on the agenda as well. The Vienna BioCenter’s 25 biotech companies are particularly strong in vaccines, diagnostics, reagents and pharmacological research. Some five additional players provide specialized support and services, including 11 scientific core facilities for joint use.

Research Groups
Scientific Facilities
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Excellence in Research and Education

The four basic research institutes (GMI, IMBA, IMP and MFPL) at the Vienna BioCenter host 96 groups conducting groundbreaking research in molecular life sciences. Together with three universities (FH Campus Wien/Biotechnology, University of Vienna and Medical University of Vienna), world-class scientific training for 1,300 Bachelor and Master students and 260 PhD students is provided. The Vienna BioCenter Summer School for undergraduates and the prestigious PhD Program provide talented people from around the world with a unique opportunity to work side by side with leading scientists. Postdoctoral fellows are given research freedom and assess to state-of-the art infrastructure, plus a comprehensive training program, focused around the individual needs. Achievement, recognition and support for research at Vienna BioCenter is reflected by the 51 ERC research grant awards, 24 EMBO members, and 11 Wittgenstein awardees over the last 20 years.

Irene Rech-Weichselbraun - Thermo Fisher Scientific
(C) Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Fisher Scientific site at the Vienna BioCenter is a Center of Excellence for Immunoassay technology. Thermo Fisher Scientific is steadily increasing its footprint in Vienna. Both the accumulated expertise and the excellent job market of highly educated people in the field of biotechnological research as well as development and operations combined with high economic, social and environmental security make the Vienna site attractive for the company to make further invests.

Irene Rech-Weichselbraun
General Manager Vienna Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific - Life Science Solutions

Growing Business Sector meets Specialized Support and Services

The Vienna BioCenter has a rapidly growing biotech and medical device industry including spin-offs from the research and educational institutions on site, while others have chosen to be relocated to the Vienna BioCenter for its unique location, services, and atmosphere. Companies appreciate having access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure and the necessary network at Vienna BioCenter. Scientific core facilities are available both for local partners on the campus, and for external customers under highly competitive conditions. And last but not least, lab supplies, technical services, innovative IT solutions and specialized support for start-ups or concerning EU grant applications, scientific projects, event management and scientific visualization is offered directly at the Vienna BioCenter.

The Vienna BioCenter's business and service community includes the following players:

  1. Ablevia Biotech
  2. Accanis Biotech
  3. Aelian Biotechnology
  4. AFFiRiS
  6. Akribes Biomedical
  7. Allcyte
  8. APEIRON Biologics
  9. Ares Genetics
  10. Austrianni
  11. Biolution
  12. BIRD-C
  13. Calyxha Biotechnologies
  14. CEBINA - Central European Biotech Incubator and Accelerator
  15. ChanPharm
  16. Eucodis Bioscience
  17. EveliQure Biotechnologies
  18. Haplogen
  19. HOOKIPA Pharma
  20. INiTS
  21. LabConsulting & LabShop
  22. Lexogen
  23. Miti Biosystems
  24. net4biz
  25. Origimm
  26. PhagoMed
  28. The Antibody Lab
  29. Thermo Fisher Scientific / Bender MedSystems
  30. Valneva Austria
  31. VBCF - Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities
  32. X4 Pharmaceuticals

SCARLETRED is located at the Vienna BioCenter. This allows us to access a unique R&D infrastructure and facilitates recruiting of talents for growing our business. Regional and national funding schemes support us along this path. Our international partners appreciate the Vienna BioCenter’s proximity to the Vienna International Airport. This is ideal for promoting AI powered skin imaging and analysis.

Harald Schnidar

As regards lab space at the Vienna BioCenter e.g. at the Marxbox or the Vienna Business Agency’s Start-up Labs, please e-mail to Jürgen Fuchs who will put you into contact with the appropriate partners.