Medexter to upgrade its solutions for clinical decision support

The microbiology analytics tool MOMO now integrates all information on pathogen occurrence, frequency distribution, and resistance situation at specific places and points in time. An app version of HEPAXPERT for the interpretation of hepatitis serology test results has also been presented.

Microbiology Analytics Tool MOMO Now with Spectrum and Resistance At the beginning of July, Medexter has launched a completely upgraded version of MOMO. MOMO (v.2.1) is a comprehensive analytics tool intended to address the issues of modern microbiology and epidemiology. It provides clear, reliable information on the occurrence of pathogens in all areas of your hospital. MOMO imports the relevant microbiological data every night from the connected laboratory information system and makes it immediately available for use in multiple ways. Its brand-new feature Spectrum gives a clear overview on frequency of pathogens in relation to specific wards, departments, or periods of time. With just one click, MOMO displays the relevant resistance graph for every found pathogen.

Have all the information on pathogen occurrence, frequency distribution, and resistance situation in one place with MOMO. Customize the user-defined reports and conveniently save, reuse, or adjust them to your liking. If you are interested in MOMO, please contact us . Find detailed release notes here. New Hepaxpert Mobile App and Web Version In June, Medexter has presented an entirely updated version of the Hepaxpert solution (v.2.2.5) with a fresh modern design and well-known quality. Hepaxpert interprets all possible―even extremely rare and complex―test result combinations. The interpretive texts are legible but account for the complexity of their content. Paired with a clean and highly intuitive user interface, Hepaxpert allows healthcare professionals as well as patients to benefit from these test result interpretations. Hepaxpert comes as mobile app, web version, integrated into other healthcare systems, and as SaaS option. Find details on these applications and integration possibilities here.

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