AFFiRiS announces late-breaking presentation of clinical PD01 data in Parkinson’s disease patients at the MDS Virtual Congress

AFFiRiS, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel disease-modifying specific active immunotherapies (SAITs), presents clinical data for its PD01 lead candidate in Parkinson’s disease at the MDS Virtual Congress 2020 taking place on September 12 – 16. The late-breaking presentation (pre-recorded video presentation, Guided Poster Tour 14) by Günther Staffler, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of AFFiRiS, shows additional clinical data from AFFiRiS’ phase I clinical trial program, providing further details on the encouraging phase I results recently published by The Lancet Neurology (

The presentation titled “Long term safety and immunogenicity of the alpha synuclein active immunotherapeutic PD01A in patients with Parkinson’s disease: a Phase I study series” reports on a first-in-man study with a novel immunotherapeutic aimed to modify disease progression in early stage PD patients. This study provides valuable data on the safety and immunogenicity of this immunotherapeutic over an extended series of studies over four years. It also reports on exploratory analyses aimed at development of a biomarker for disease progression.

The abstract of the presentation can be found at (Guided Poster Tour 14: Late-Breaking Abstracts 1).


AFFITOPE® PD01 is AFFiRiS’ novel immunotherapy candidate for the treatment of early-stage Parkinson’s disease patients. PD01 is a synthetically produced alpha-synuclein (aSyn)-mimicking peptide-based specific active immunotherapy (SAIT), identified by the AFFiRiS’ AFFITOME® technology, that targets the protein aSyn. This protein has been identified as playing a key role in the onset and progression of Parkinson's disease.

About AFFiRiS AG:

AFFiRiS is a clinical-stage biotechnology company located in Vienna, Austria, with a vision of using the immune system to identify and target human proteins central to the development and progression of neurodegenerative diseases, based on its proprietary patented AFFITOME® technology. The Company’s ultimate goal is to improve the lives of patients suffering from these diseases by providing disease-modifying specific active immunotherapies (SAIT). With its lead candidate AFFITOPE® PD01, AFFiRiS is the leader in active immunotherapies for Parkinson’s disease. For further information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About SAIT:

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